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A project on the horizon!  


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23/09/2020 9:54 am  

We are please to announce we have gone ahead with project RuntsMafia! This will be a browser based click to play mafia game for you all to enjoy in your spare time!

Leaderboards ofcourse will be involved so you will all be able to see the most powerful players! We really want this fun so you will have the chance to create a new family or join one of the already growing family’s..the choice is yours! As we know teamwork makes the dream work so teaming up would be a good idea! To add to the team spirit there will be a job/heist where you will only be able to compete if you have a team of 3. 

We will be adding features as we go so you never know you could just wake up to a new in game feature! There will be a daily wheel spin for rewards all players will get one a day! 

Bullets will be a key feature, No Bullets? No war! Be prepared to stock up on as much ammo as you can.


Thats just a few features, there will be plenty more to come!