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Introducing RuntsMafia  


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22/09/2020 10:27 am  

Hello there and welcome to The RuntsMafia section to the forum! This is a new venture for us here at RuntsGames and we would love for you all to eventually get involved! 

We are currently getting things set up and hope to be able to show you all as soon as we can. This will be a browser/mobile based mafia game to keep you all going in between games on your pcs/consoles! Make this your time filler anywhere you go.

We aim to release RuntsMafia at the same time as updates so please bear with us! We will roll out updates for you in time and will run in game competitions. These will be some daily and some weekly these will be for in game prizes.

We hope to bring you a few previews very shortly so keep checking back! Or check out our Instagram @RuntsGames

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